Sep 17

Morning After Etiquette – How To Behave The Morning After Your Online Hookup

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“Morning after Etiquette”

You joined casual dating sites, managed to avoid adult hookup scams and met a great woman who you have just spent the night with. You stayed at hers or she stayed at yours and you have an amazing night of no strings attached. When waking up in the morning – it is very much “the morning after the night before” and it can be awkward and difficult to know how to act. The way that you are with her is dependent on a few factors and how you feel about any future hookups with this particular lady.

Meeting on casual hookup sites

“Did you meet through a casual hook up site?”

“Did you meet through a casual hook up site?”

With technology as it is, it is so much easier to meet people for random hookups than what is used to be. It is important not to be fooled by adult hookup scams however. Adult hookup scams > include women pretending to want sex from a man and then taking all their money from them! If you have found a genuine woman who is after the same thing as you and you have spent an amazing night together – that’s great. However there are still certain rules that you have to follow the next morning that make the woman feel comfortable and also give you the chance at a second encounter, if you both want one.

Morning after etiquette depends on a number of factors

A lot of things need to be taken into consideration before you decide how to act the next morning after a hookup. For example was it the first time that you have dated and slept with the woman? Had you only chatted once or twice or had the casual fling lasted online for a little longer? There are general rules that need to be followed the morning after but you can amend these depending on how comfortable that you are around the woman and if you see the hookup going any further. Even if you didn’t feel a strong connection with her, there are still rules that need to be followed and you should still treat her with respect. If you have been talking for a while and feel like things could go somewhere, you can be a bit more affectionate than you would if it was just a one night stand or a casual hookup.

Keep the conversation lighthearted and fun

conversation fun

“Have a fun conversation with her”

When you wake up the next day, keep the conversation fun and natural. Don’t try and find pointless things to talk about that neither of you care about such as the weather. Forced conversation is worse than no conversation at all. The best things to discuss are funny things that happened the night before (not sex related). If you met online, it is likely that you have talked a little beforehand anyway so just chat about subjects that interest both of you. Please remember not to bore her and know when to stop talking. If she feels uncomfortable and wants to leave, then be cool about this. As a woman it’s likely that all she wants to do is go and freshen up perhaps followed by breakfast before leaving or asking you to leave.

No affection but sex is OK

If you and your hookup are getting on well in the morning and she seems up for round two in bed, then go for it. Morning sex is exciting and it can be a goodbye gift if you aren’t going to see her again or a reminder of good things to come if things are doing further. If however you are regretting your actions or don’t want to give her the wrong impression you can either be polite or then make an excuse to leave. If the woman stayed at yours, tell her that there is some place that you need to be, which would be her cue to go. It is a natural thing to embrace and kiss after you have had sex with somebody and slept in bed with them. If you are comfortable with her you might be tempted to give her this kind of affection, but unless this is a more permanent relationship – don’t do this! However if she starts this kind of contact with you and you are OK with it, in this situation it is fine to reciprocate.

How long to stay with one another

casual hookup

“Don’t just slip away, when she’s asleep”

If you stayed at her place, you can stay as little amount of time or as long as you feel comfortable to do so. If you are into her but she is hinting for you to leave respect those wishes and bolt. After all, if the sex was only meant to be a casual thing, you don’t want to come across too strong. However, if she invites you for breakfast or just to hang out for a little while and you feel comfortable to do this that would be fine too. If she stayed at yours, things can get a little more awkward depending on how you feel about her and if she is coming on strong or not. You should always ask the woman if she uses your facilities, the first thing she is likely to want to do after a casual hookup is to take a shower and freshen up. If you get on with her and you have no plans, then subtly suggest doing something without coming on too needy. If you are not that into her but she won’t get the hint to leave, mention that you have to go to work/the gym/the shops – this should soon get her out of there.

Don’t assume that there is going to be a next time

A one night stand or a casual hookup is exactly that – it is meant for the short term. However, if you had a good time and she did too, then it’s perfectly fine to see each other again and it could even be the start of a beautiful relationship. Give her your phone number or take hers but don’t make any definite plans to see her again until you can work out how she feels and also assess how you feel. In fact, the guys on the famed review site also agree with this statement. Looking at their horny matches review available here (FYI – is a scam according to them), you won’t find a casual relationship unless you’re using the right site. If you really want to see her again then, send her a message on the casual dating site where you met, a day or two after your encounter. Casually mention how you had a great time and ask her if she would like to do it again. If she agrees then you can take things from there and see how they naturally progress. If she says no, don’t worry about it and move onto the next one.

Hookups can be fun, exciting and sexy. This depends on the woman and if she is carefree and fun. The morning after can be just as fun as the night before in some cases. Read the situation, if things are going well ask her to stay and even hint about doing it again. If things are awkward then respectfully getting out of the situation is advised. The great thing about having a casual hookup is that you don’t have to see each other again but the option is there if you want it. Avoid adult hookup scams however and try and find a woman who has the same desires as you do.

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Sep 14

Thinking Of Having an Affair? Think About Your Kids Before You Cheat!

Are you are in a relationship and you are thinking of cheating? Well, there are many reasons why you should not. Despite the devastating effects on your partner, coupled with feelings of betrayal, cheating can cause wounds that can’t heal with ease. However, if there are children in the picture, the consequences of your actions will have a far more damaging effect. Studies have shown that 14% of women and 24% of men in the USA have had affairs in their marriages.

The effects of having an unfaithful father or mother linger on in children for the rest of their lives. With the cheater dating websites, more and more people have jumped into this wagon of cheating, if you want to know what are the best cheater internet dating sites, then check for the genuine cheater dating website reviews. These reviews about the sites for affairs can help you make a right decision. But before choosing to cheat on your spouse, think about your children. Thousands of children are being taken through the terror of divorce and living in broken families.

How cheating affects your children eventually, your children will find out that you have been unfaithful. They may overhear it during an argument or walk in on you in the process of cheating. Either way they will find out. The effects it will have on them are profound and can even last a lifetime. The following are some of the major effects cheating either through the cheater dating websites or through any other means may have on your child.

They will develop trust issues


“They begin to lose trust in relationships”

In the ideal family set up, parents are the person’s children trust the most in the world. They know in whatever situation, you as the parent are the most trustworthy people. Cheating is breaking this trust, and psychologically your kids are damaged. They will never put their trust in anyone else even their spouses when they are grown. They will always have the feeling that their partner be it a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse is unfaithful to them.

Imperfection in relationships


“A child idealizes the relationship between parents”

For your child, your relationship as parents will set the tone for all their future relationships. When a parent cheats, they subconsciously believe that relationships cannot work. They start believing that every relationship is doomed to fail from the start. Eventually, this notion will spill into their own relationships when they grow up.

Emotional damage to your children

Children whose parents cheat tend to suffer emotional breakdowns. They will start portraying emotions such as anger, hate, isolation, sadness and confusion. This may affect their mental health in the long run since these emotions may stick with them for quite a while. They develop hate towards the cheating parent, and mending that relationship with your child may be impossible. They may even feel embarrassed to have you as their parent and will never want anything to do with you for the rest of their lives.

They develop lower concentration levels

If there is something every parent wants is for their child to do well in school. A child whose parent has cheated will have a lot of trouble concentrating in school. Their grades drop and even when they are in school they will be isolated. Running through their mind will be why this had to happen to them. Sometimes they will even go on to blame themselves for it. Basic education is important as it forms the basis for all other levels of education. If your child does not concentrate in school and eventually ends up not doing well in life, they will forever blame you for it.

Having to choose between their parents


“It is impossible for a child to choose between parents”

When one parent cheat, a divorce or a separation is most probably on the horizon. When that time comes, the child will be forced to choose between his or her parents. The victimized parent will always pressure the child to accompany them citing the other parent as evil due to the infidelity. This in most cases results in much hate from the child to the offending parent. This may last a lifetime where the child cuts contact with you forever. Surely the cheater dating websites and the likes are not worth losing your child forever. It is not a fun day when the child has to choose between his or her parents. Do not put them through that, it’s brutal, selfish and damaging to the child.

Putting your children through a divorce

A divorce is certainly the most devastating and damaging occurrence that can happen to a child. When infidelity rears its ugly head into a family, they are most probably headed for a divorce. Divorces scar the children for a lifetime as being brought up in a broken home is never an ideal environment to grow. Every child needs the love, care and presence of both parents as they grow up. It goes a long way into teaching them the importance of family and values that the family institution upholds. Small children may even be ridiculed by their peers in school, branding them with shame that is not even their fault. In most cases children end up blaming themselves for the divorce and may have a great impact on their future relationships. They may never want to take their kids through what they experienced and may thus end up not even considering marriage.

Setting a bad example to your children


“Don’t set a bad example for your children”

Children have always viewed their parents as their role models. They believe their parents can do no wrong and are the epitome of perfection. Suffice it to say, they see their parents as superheroes. When a parent then goes ahead and cheats, resulting in the family breaking down, children will often undergo emotional shock. The person they believed to be their role model let them down. Research has also gone to show that, children who are brought up in such environments believe that infidelity is normal. The parents are the primary source of knowledge and learning, especially on the social front, children may interpret this as normal behavior. They will cheat on their spouses in the future and eventually end up having unfulfilled relationships.

Dealing with the consequences


“A couple has to deal with the consequences of separation”

If infidelity has hit your home, how you deal with it is critical. It may mean total emotional breakdown for your children or a rather tough learning experience. To shield your child from emotional baggage, ensure you get him, or her, a psychiatrist. This will help him deal with the situation since the child has someone to talk to. Let them express how they feel to a professional since suppressed anger and emotions are detrimental to their mental health. A child should never be concerned or emotionally damaged by a cheating parent, counseling and guidance from a professional will help them keep their balance.

Regardless of whatever happened, children will always empathize with the victimized parent. How you deal with the crises will also have a deep and profound effect on the child’s future relationships. Whatever misguided notion that leads you to cheat, it is always good to consider the repercussions that will come along with it. Few adults really understand the ramification cheating has on their children and the lasting emotional damage that accompany it. So, before visiting cheater dating websites, think if you really want to put your kids through all this. It is not worth letting your child become victimized by your selfish desires.

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May 06

Tablets: How they will change the way we compute

Change is most certainly the most permanent part of life. And this philosophy couldn’t be truer in the case of computing. Looking at how work places have shrunk is testament to this fact. And the change has only just begun. The last decade has seen serious advancements in both computer as well as mobile phone technology. In fact, the thin line between computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones is quickly diminishing. When Apple first introduced the iPad, no one expected the concept to spread like a wildfire. But it has and an increasing number of companies in the world are taking to it.

Though other innovations such as smart phones and laptops still compete in the same space with tablets, the latter is far better at handling key aspects of modern day computing.

Why a tablet beats other similar platforms

There are many ways in which the tablet has already changed the way we compute without us even noticing. The following are the ways in which tablets are all set to take computing to the absolute next level.

Many application icons are downloaded into a modern black smart phone, appearing to float over the device

Many application icons are downloaded into a modern black smart phone, appearing to float over the device

– If you thought the netbook or laptop was small, they are really no competition to the compactness and portability of a tablet.

– While smart phones are even smaller and lighter, they pose various restrictions such as inability to browse full webpages, limitations in video playback etc. A tablet handles all these tasks like any other laptop but at a smaller, more portable size.

– Tablets have touch screens. So you can forget about the hassle of carrying that mouse around. Though even laptops have touch pads, this feature doesn’t come close to the more direct and intimate advantages of touch screens.

– Gaming has become much easier and more cost effective thanks to tablets. You don’t have to spend as much on a game for a tablet as you would with a PlayStation or a PC game.

– You can connect to the internet on the go with options such as 3G, WiFi as well as Bluetooth.

– The support for video as well as audio codes is on the rise. Again, additional features such as better and clearer cameras give tablets the edge that no other computer could have.

– The development of some real reliable platforms such as Android and iOS makes the interface of tablets much easier and more user friendly. The best thing about these platforms is that they are easy to use even for the technology novice.

Android vs iOS

Android vs iOS

– Some of the more recent tablets feature multi-core processors; something we wouldn’t even expect from laptops a few years ago. This has made computing faster and swifter than it has ever been.

– Immense competition between upcoming table manufacturers means only one thing for consumers; better products at lower prices.

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May 04

Tips to Build Strong Trust after an Infidelity in your Relationship

Rebuilding trust and gaining back love and respect after an infidelity is one of the most challenging tasks. However, if you want to save your relationship, you need to be patient and willing to invest your time and effort. You can follow these tips to build strong trust in your relationship after an infidelity and make your life happy.

  1. Communication is the Key

It is very difficult for your partner to trust you after an infidelity, no matter whether it is physical or emotional. However, you can make him/her trust you again by keeping your communication honest and flowing. If your partner feels that you really want to regain lost love and trust, he/she will start believing you. Use the right words to say how you love him/her and how important he/she is in your life. Make your partner believe that you will not do the mistake again.

The physical maturity necessary for a sexual relationship

The physical maturity necessary for a sexual relationship

  1. Stop Lying

You need to understand that your dishonesty and betrayal hurt your partner and shake his/her trust in you. Therefore, continuing to lie, hide or deny can rub salt into his/her wound. Don’t fool yourself by thinking that you are protecting your partner by hiding some truths. Demonstrate that you are committed to being honest with your partner. You may need to face challenges all through the way in rebuilding trust in your relationship. However, remaining patient and honest is the only way to reclaim your love.

  1. Stop Contacting the Other Person

Once you decide to save your romantic or marital relationship, you need to quit contacting the person with whom you had physical or emotional bond. If you promise your partner that you will never cheat her/him, you should keep it up. Keeping contact with the other person after making promise will surely lead you to a second disaster.

Relationships are not always easy. At the initial stage you don’t notice undesirable things as you are grasped by the moment of passion, excitement, expectations, bliss and the like

Relationships are not always easy. At the initial stage you don’t notice undesirable things as you are grasped by the moment of passion, excitement, expectations, bliss and the like

  1. Give Assurance

After an infidelity, your partner feels insecure. It is therefore important to assure of your love and commitment to her/him constantly. You also need to prove that you love your partner and want to save the relationship. Your partner may throw questions at you regarding your affair. Don’t try to justify it or blame your partner for your betrayal. Your partner wants to get confirmation from you that you will not do this another time. He/she feels hurt and wants you to heal it. Don’t try to hide anything from him/her. Be open to opportunities to build trust and deepen relationship. Prove him /her that you are still a valuable person to be trusted and loved.

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Apr 29

Ways to be the best you can be everyday

It is important to be the best you can everyday. That makes you and the others who are in touch with you feel much better. The effort that goes in being your best is simple. This does not make you feel better than anyone else but just improving on your self from what you were yesterday. Keep that as a goal and try to improve what you can.

1.) Intelligence: All of us are intelligent. All we need to do is to apply this intelligence in the right way. If intelligence is used in the right way it can make you perfect.

2.) Consistency: Most of start some healthy practices and leave it half way. Consistency is the key to be the best you can be everyday. As far as possible you need to get out of bed and go to the gym at the same time daily. This discipline can help you achieve good results.

3.) Concentration: While you are doing workout at the gym it is important to make sure that you take little rest and focus only on work out. If you rest less, you will be stronger. If work outs are done with full concentration then your health will be at its best and nothing can stop from looking your best.

Healthy Tips To Lead A Better Life

Healthy Tips To Lead A Better Life

4.) Right amount of Nutrition: You need to make sure you consume the right amount of calories that can help you stay fit. Some people stop eating thinking that it would give them good health. However the truth is not that. In your diet you need to stay away from alcohol, sugar and starch. If you are a non vegetarian you need to eat lean meats, and lot of green and leafy vegetables. Certain good fats are also needed for the body. Make sure you have the right quantity of good fat. You can get this from olive oil, almonds and fish oil.

5) Right Amount of Sleep: Sleep is a boon and you should be blessed to get the required hours of sleep. A lot of healing happens when you get the required hours of sleep. Physical fitness is all about exercise and being fit. While physical exercise can break you down, the adequate amount of sleep can build you up. The body needs fuel to heal. The fat and protein you have before going to bed will keep your body in a good condition that enables to burn fat and also build muscle. Sleep at least for 8 hours every night and the best thing is to make sleep your priority.

 Physical fitness

Physical fitness

6) Relaxation: It is not considered to do exercise on a daily basis. You can plan your work out in such a way that you do not too much of heavy work out daily.

7) Goals: Set clear goals and write everything down in a piece of paper. Try to meet the goals. Work on your weakness and go closer to the set goals.

It is all in the mind and if you follow all the above tips nothing can stop you from looking your best.

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Apr 22

How MS Surface will impact Microsoft’s stock price

With exquisite features like the sleek make, touch pad keyboard and dual user modes of an iPad and a laptop, Microsoft is trying to come at par with Apple with its iPad 4 and Google, its Nexus 10. The entire design, applications and user friendly mode are surely a plus point for MS Surface, but the market acceptance of the product still needs to be observed.

Although compared to iPad 4 from Apple, Microsoft provides features of its tabs in a much wider arena; the user compatibility of the device is still in question because, the comforts of using the tablet as a laptop are not too convenient. The keyboard for one has touch pad facility which gets very dissatisfying and not confirmative for users who work on it for long hours. Hence, “having a Microsoft Office with Microsoft Surface is similar to having a 2012 car model with seatbelts”, feels one of the users.

However, the way Microsoft has planned the anatomy of the tablet is but deserving praise. A little hinge in make is its super sleek keyboard, which takes some hours to get used to. And because the keyboard types with no sound and confirmation that the keys are getting pressed, could be a little annoying for a new user. Hence, one can opt for the typing keyboard which comes for £ 110 instead of £ 80 for a touch pad keyboard.

Apple Introduces the iPad mini and Fourth-Generation iPad

Apple Introduces the iPad mini and Fourth-Generation iPad


There could be varied kinds of reaction to the introduction of MS Surface or the Microsoft RT, depending upon the type of user, but its facilities as of now are much more than the Apple iPad. While the Apple iPad gives you the option to surf, and work online, the options of doing writing work for long hours on an iPad is not very comfortable. A MS Surface, on the other hand, being similar to a laptop can easily provide you with the opportunity to surf while on the move and easily do your typing work as well.

Microsoft Surface tablet

Microsoft Surface tablet

On the whole the best part about MS surface is its launch of Windows 8 platform which is much more comfortable to work with, once one gets accustomed to the application. Windows 8 can be a little cumbersome for a new user because of the newer applications and takes a little while even for a deft user to master it. But, once the user gets compatible to the application, they would definitely find it to be one of the most comfortable applications to run with. Wether Microsoft will make a major impact on the Share prices with its launch of tablet will depend on how aggressive would the distributions from Microsoft be. 

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Apr 15

My favourite 3 movies this year

Crime and mystery movies are always intriguing and loved by people of all ages. My three favourite crime movies this year are Jack Reacher, The dark Knight Rises, Taken 2.

Jack Reacher starring the all favourite Tom cruise in the title role is the story of a homicide investigator. This movie is adapted from Lee Child’s book which is 17 in series of an army investigator of the same name. Tom Cruise as the high energy, charismatic man with attitude who will leave no stone unturned until he gets his message across. Helen’s client is charged with murder and is an open and shut case as he had pulled out his gun in public shooting innocent victims. Yet she asks Reacher to dig deeper into her client’s story. She suspects that the police are withholding evidence and knowing Reacher penchant for getting what he wants she hires him. The police want to close the case while Reacher is fighting for the truth. On his way he manages to pick up clues and once he does the movie doesn’t slow down even for a second. Helen on the hand is an intelligent women and she wants to know the truth as much as Reacher does. It is eventually left to Robert Duvall who owns a range of guns to pick cues on the real shooter.

The Knight Rises is a sequel to the dark Knight. Yes it misses all the elements of Heath ledger yet it is an awesome film with a surprising end. Eight years after batman becomes a fugitive in exile hidden away from Gotham city, under the guise of repentance for the death of D.A. Harvey Dent. Bane is slowly building an army to crumble Gotham city as he is angry and mad. Salina Kyle the cat woman has some mischief up her sleeve. It is basically about how batman saves Gotham city. Salina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) starts off by being an antihero and she are slick and perfect for the role. She has her own morals in the movie. She will steal from anyone but will not kill the innocent. She betrays Bruce (batman) but still make amends at the end. The Heath Ledger element is definite missing in batman but otherwise it is a brilliantly directed movie.

Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher


Taken 2. Liam Neeson is one good actor for thriller and in this movie too he doesn’t let you down. He stars as a retired CIA officer Bryan Mills, who is kidnapped along with his wife and kept hostage in Istanbul, by a man who wants to settle scores for his son’s death. Mills would stop at nothing to get his daughter back from Albanian kidnappers and it is during this encounter that he killed the son of the man who has kidnapped him now. All through eh movie the direction was brilliant and Liam Neeson as good as always. Brian gets help from Kim and tactfully plans an escape route for him and his family. Although it did not have the thrills and twists as the first part the overall effect was good. 

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson

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